COVID-19: Reliable Resources for Seniors and Family Caregivers

  • COVID-19 Guidance for Seniors: The CDC’s COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults web page features a great deal of important information, such as assistance with determining who is at greater risk, symptoms, information on how to safeguard yourself, a checklist for your house, stress and anxiety coping tips, and much more.
  • Coronavirus: What Seniors and People With Disabilities Should Know: ACL provides information on what older adults and people with disabilities must know to avoid being infected with and spreading the disease, in addition to listing warning signs and symptoms, state-by-state regulations, and a comprehensive directory of federal and non-federal resources.
  • AARP Answers Commonly Asked Questions About COVID-19: AARP keeps an ongoing bulleted list of all the most current information related to COVID-19, as well as what seniors should do to decrease their risk of contracting it and answers to several common questions.
  • Articles/Resources for Caregivers on COVID-19 Safety: The Family Caregiver Alliance publishes caregiver-specific articles and resources that can help family members improve the protection of the older adults within their care.
  • Comprehensive FAQ List on Family Caregiver COVID-19 Issues: DailyCaring, an award-winning website dedicated to caregivers, created an FAQ page to provide answers to many questions, for example, safety measures to take when visiting an older adult’s house, tips on how to sanitize packages, proper handwashing techniques, and much more.
  • NAHC COVID-19 Senior Care Resources: The National Association for Home Care & Hospice advocates for the millions of seniors who receive in-home care, and for individuals who provide that care. Their COVID-19 reference page shares articles, webinars, interactive tools, and more.

For additional resources to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and for safe, dependable, in-home care to improve wellness and comfort for the older adults you love, get in touch with Seniorcorp today. Adhering to a strict protocol to ensure the safety of older adults we serve, we are able to assist with a wide array of essential services, which include:

  • Shopping for groceries and running other errands, to enable older adults to stay safe in the home
  • Preparing wholesome meals
  • Companionship to ease isolation and stress through conversations, movies, hobbies/interests, games, puzzles, and much more
  • Keeping the home clean and sanitized
  • Medication reminders
  • Specialized care for people diagnosed with dementia
  • And many more

Contact Seniorcorp at 757-640-0557 for a consultation in the safety and comfort of your home, to learn exactly how we can help senior loved ones receive in-home elder care in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.