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Frequently Asked Questions about Seniorcorp
and in-home care for seniors

Our typical client is a senior who needs assistance but wants to remain independent in his or her own home or lives with family members who would like some additional care. Seniorcorp caregivers provide services in both home settings and facilities.

Seniorcorp was created as a result of the owner’s frustration with the inadequate facility care that his grandmother received. Seniorcorp provides real health and other vital benefits to employees. We perform extensive employee screening through five different background checks, personality tests, and drug testing. To assure caregiver punctuality, Seniorcorp monitors attendance 24/7. Seniorcorp only hires approximately 10% of job applicants; and we experience just one third of the national turnover rate. Our pricing is still below the national average. Seniorcorp is not a franchise. We are local to serve you locally.

Medicare and secondary insurances do not cover these types of services. Long Term Care Insurance covers our services, and we help you file and submit paperwork for funding.

Call and a dedicated professional will explain our services during a free in-home assessment. If you feel comfortable, you can begin within days.

During the free in-home evaluation, our staff will review the clinical care needs for the client. Based on this assessment, we will be able to provide you will the specific kinds of equipment recommended for optimal care.  In many cases, ‘special’ equipment is not required. Many homes already have available the equipment needed. Where we recommend speciality items, like a shower chair/bench, we will also suggest resources for obtaining the item recommended. Some equipment is available for purchase or rental through Seniorcorp; for example, lockboxes, the Philips Life Alert Monitor with AutoAlert fall detection, or the Philips Medication Dispenser to enhance on-time medication delivery.

Our clinical staff evaluation also includes a review of the home environment for general safety issues as well as specific fire safety and evacuation issues. We also review procedures for client safety and care during periods of extended power outages and severe weather conditions. Seniorcorp staff will assist in making sure the equipment needed and the pre-arranged safety procedures are defined so the best care possible is available when needed.

You pay a two-week deposit up front (amount based on your anticipated schedule). After that, you will be billed on a bi-weekly basis. You approve the bill and then pay by check or credit card.

Seniorcorp has been in business since 2003. We are state-licensed and have an exemplary record. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and recently received an award as the best home health provider in the area.

Yes. Because we are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, they require an agreement. They review our agreement and approve its contents for your protection. Seniorcorp’s agreement includes a guarantee of service levels and a simple cancellation policy.

Seniorcorp packages, pricing, and services are both flexible and reasonable. We are here for you, no matter how much or how little you need us. Medicare and secondary insurance do not pay for long term care at home so most services are private pay unless a client carries Long Term Care Insurance. Clients who have Long Term Care Insurance may be able to get reimbursed for services. Prices vary based on the level of need and the amount of time needed during the week. All inclusive services can range from $136 a week and up. We determine the specific price at the time of the home assessment.

No. Seniorcorp is not an insurance plan. There is no prepayment for this service. You only pay for it when you need it. However, Seniorcorp does assist in processing Long Term Care Insurance as needed.

If you want or need to cancel your service, we ask for a one-week notice. To change your schedule, please contact us 24 hours or more in advance.

If you find services fail to meet your expectations, please call Seniorcorp and explain the problem. We can deduct the unsatisfactory shift from your billing statement.

The Seniorcorp staff is composed of dedicated healthcare professionals. They joined our team because they have a passion for helping seniors and their families and are not only interested in providing care but also improving the overall quality of life for seniors.

There are four key reasons. First, we do extensive background checks to try to guard against abuse or theft. Second, we pay all the payroll and FICA taxes so that you are not exposed to legal liability. Third, we provide Worker’s Compensation insurance so that you are not responsible for medical bills and possible lost wages if the worker is injured in your home. Fourth, we provide back-up caregivers, nurse visits, and experts on call. All of this gives you greater peace of mind!

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Feel free to contact Seniorcorp, one of the leading home care agencies in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. We will promptly answer any home care questions or address your concerns.

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